A unique training platform for the foodservice industry.
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Our Story

In June of 2017, after five years of proven success in the healthcare industry with Med World Live, we partnered with Momentum Sales & Marketing to establish Food World Live.  Momentum's team has 100+ collective years of experience in the food service and packaged goods industry, and they could see immediately that our unique platform would be a true game-changer in the hospitality & food service industry.  The Food World Live vision was born based on the idea that the Food Service Industry has struggled with how DSR’s and Manufacturer Reps are trained and how information is transferred.  Momentum recognized the value that our technology could bring to these organizations, and together, we've developed solutions to meet the need for improved information transfer in the food service industry.



To revolutionize the way information is communicated in the foodservice industry.  The Food World Live interactive portal delivers consistent, quality information in a way that no other tool can; resulting in a faster and more nimble value chain better prepared to delight consumers and create demand.

As the consumer food value equation shifts, and information plays a bigger part than ever in defining excellence, Food World Live will be the differentiating factor in the industry.

Guiding Principles:

Partnership: Prioritize customer partnerships & everything else will follow.  
We make our customers’ needs the focus of everything we do.

Intention: Act intentionally & make thoughtful decisions with the goal in mind.  
We operate with a purpose, always keeping the intended outcome at the forefront.

Creativity: Keep your mind open...innovation is born of creative thinking.
Every idea is worthy of creative consideration; this is how we evolve. 

 Agility: Needs change, demand shifts and opportunities come in all shapes and sizes.
 Our ability to stay nimble is what allows us to continuously improve.